Teresa Madrigal is the president and founder of Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, known in the industry as AGMS. Teresa's fierce desire to achieve financial success began at an early age, as her parents migrated to the United States in 1962 hoping to provide a better life for their family. Her parents resided in south-side Chicago and found jobs as factory workers. Her father worked overtime whenever possible, at times seeking extra work on weekends in an effort to make ends meet while struggling to move to a safer neighborhood.

Unfortunately, when Teresa was just 15 years old, her older brother was killed in a random drive by shooting while protecting young children at a near by playground. Her family was devastated and Teresa was sent to live with distant relatives in Mexico. As a result of this horrible experience, she learned at an early age that, despite what she had been told, it was the lack of money that did not buy happiness! While she followed the advice of her parents & teachers and studied hard, she kept her mind open to opportunities that could provide the financial freedom she and her family so desperately craved.

Teresa found that opportunity and began her road to success in 1993 when she chose a career in marketing. She recruited, trained, and managed thousands of sales associates, produced millions in sales, and eventually developed a successful international marketing company of her own. Teresa decided to sell her company, raise a family, and enjoy the freedoms financial independence provided, retiring before her 30th birthday.

After enjoying a life of peace and tranquility for several years, a friend and former business associate asked Teresa to consult with her regarding a career in the merchant services industry. She agreed to help and quickly learned most business owners were unhappy with their service. While she found this to be odd, she was shocked to discover none of the thousands of MSP?s offered any products, services, marketing support, or training to help business owners build their their businesses, promote their products, or increase their profits! Teresa realized a new approach in the industry was needed and understood she had discovered a billion dollar opportunity in developing long-term relationships with business owners and providing exclusive products, services, and marketing ideas they could use to grow their businesses and their profits!

While it is certainly obvious Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions would benefit millions of businesses nation-wide, it was more important to Teresa that Avant-Garde provide a sound financial opportunity to help hardworking families like hers, yearning to live the American Dream while struggling financially; achieve success and financial freedom through this spectacular marketing revolution!

While Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions only began market research a handful of years ago, the company has already documented unprecedented record setting growth and is already emerging as a dominant force in the multi-trillion dollar industry. The results Teresa has achieved already more than document the impact AGMS will have on this multi-trillion dollar industry: In the first year of its existence, Avant-Garde was awarded the fastest growing new company. The following year Teresa received the "Business Woman of the Year" award and was invited to Washington, D.C. to have dinner with the president and receive her award. She was ?Honorary Chairman? of the U. S. Congressional Business Advisory Council the following year and invited to speak before Congress regarding current business affairs in America. A year later Teresa was inducted as an elite member of the Manchester ?Who?s Who? Registry of Executive Professionals, and she received the Congressional Business Advisory Council ?Order of Merit? award for her success with Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions a year after that. In 2009 AGMS became a member of the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Teresa was recognized along with AGMS by the ?Madison Who's Who? for excellence in the merchant service industry. Teresa was recently honored by Cambridge Who's Who? as "Business Woman of the Year" and selected by the board of directors of the ?National Association of Professional Women? as ?Professional Woman of the Year? for demonstrating excellence & dedication within the merchant service industry!

All these accomplishments, accolades, and awards were achieved during the research and development phase of AGMS, with less than 25 representatives producing those outstanding results, including AGMS being selected by the Southern Methodist University School of Business and Winner of the Dallas 100 Award, as one of the 100 fastest growing privately held companies in Dallas, TX, a full year before the company was actually launched!

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