After just two years of college Teresa Madrigal opted instead to pursue a career in marketing at the young age of 20 years old. This proved to be a great decision on her part as she excelled and soon earned well in excess of a million dollars. She decided to invest in herself and founded an international marketing business of her own. She later sold that business, retiring shortly before her 30th birthday with no expectations of ever working again.

Several years into early retirement a friend and former business associate who had witnessed Teresa’s marketing skills asked if she would consider consulting with her new employer who was struggling in the merchant services industry. After much consideration Teresa reluctantly agreed to help her friend, only to quickly discover an appalling amount of deception and dishonesty perpetrated by her employer.

She swiftly began researching the industry in hopes of finding a processor with higher standards. Her hopes were soon dashed as in the process she found the vast majority of business owners were very unhappy with their services and disliked their processors because of these same despicable tactics. It became obvious to her the industry had become overrun with Merchant Service Providers (MSP) that cared more about their commission checks than the success of the businesses they serviced! This made complaints and contract cancellations commonplace.

She was amazed not one of the thousands of MSPs nationwide offered businesses products, services, or advice to help their owners market their businesses, increase their profits, and ensure their success! Once Teresa discovered the entire MSP industry was consumed with sleazy sales tactics and all-consuming greed with little to no concern for the struggling business owners, she knew her proven marketing skills combined with her compassion for fellow business owners would allow her to create a new and different MSP! An MSP that could capture a large part of the 4.4 trillion dollar annual U.S. credit card processing market.

Avant-Garde Marketing Solutions, Inc. (AGMS) is the end result of Teresa’s passionate quest to provide business owners nationwide with an honest, ethical, and supportive MSP. The number of awards and accolades Teresa and AGMS have received since its inception in 2003 has been simply amazing. From receiving an award for being "The Fastest Growing MSP" to having the honor of being selected by the United States Congress, as "Business Woman of the Year" for her success with AGMS! Above all, however, her greatest reward is knowing AGMS is saving and protecting countless businesses and their owners from being scammed by excessive fees, inflated rates, despicable salespeople, and dishonest MSPs. AGMS: a revolution is underway in the processing industry!

Teresa received the “Business Woman of the Year” award and was invited to Washington, D.C. to receive her award and have dinner with President George W. Bush. The following year, Teresa was selected as “Honorary Chairman” of the United States Congressional Business Advisory Council, and invited to speak before Congress to share her views regarding current business affairs in America.

She was inducted as an elite member of the “Who’s Who” Registry of Executive Professionals a year later, and also received the Congressional Business Advisory Council “Order of Merit” award for her success with AGMS. Teresa has been recognized, along with AGMS, for excellence in the merchant service industry, and she was honored by Cambridge “Who’s Who” as “Business Woman of the Year! She was selected by the board of directors of the National Association of Professional Women as “Professional Woman of the Year” for 2010/2011; for demonstrating excellence & dedication within the merchant service industry!

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